One-to-One Pronunciation Tutorials

Tools for Clear Speech offers one-to-one pronunciation tutorials for students in 30 or 60 minute sessions. All sessions take place in the ESL Speech Lab and are run by professional speech consultants, many of whom teach in the Department of Communication Studies here at Baruch.

One-to-one sessions focus on the individual needs of each student. Our professional speech consultants can address a variety of topics, including muscle movement, mouth positioning, intonation, connected speech, repetition, overall clarity and intelligibility, and more. Speech consultants can also introduce students to helpful pronunciation exercises, software programs and tutorial websites featured in the ESL Speech Lab.

Students are urged to make a 60 minute appointment early in the semester as a diagnostic for further, regular instruction. Though one-to-one sessions are a terrific way to improve speech clarity, true improvement comes with a steady utilization of all TfCS services.

One-to-one pronunciation tutorials are by appointment only through the SACC online scheduler. Students are allowed 60 minutes per week (Mon – Sat), and up to 60 minutes per day.

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