Finding graphs and charts about the Art market

16 04 2014

Last month, I had a student whose assignment was to find graphs and charts about the Fine Art market – for example, the value of artists’ works sold at auction.
I tried to find graphs using Academic Search Complete, using search terms such as art AND sales AND painting* AND market, and checking the graph, chart, and diagram boxes under “Image Quick View Types.” That yielded no useful results.
It occurred to me that Felix Salmon, the Finance blogger at Reuters, had written about trends in the art market, and clicking on the word “art” in the tag cloud on Salmon’s home page generated some useful results, specifically the following two posts: – which includes this graph:


Salmon’s post is a critique of the chart below (included in the post), which was published in the New York Times on Dec. 06, 2013 – link to Times article:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.00.46 AM.png


Searching Google for images, using search terms such as art AND sales AND painting* AND market AND graph OR chart generated useful results, including this Sept. 09, 2010, Economist article: – which included this graph:

See full post titled Art market graphs and charts on the wiki, here:



Trial Access to Mango Premiere

16 04 2014

We’ve had a subscription to Mango Languages for a while. Now, we have trial access to an additional component: Mango Premiere, a service that offers 20 videos in different languages. If you bring up a French movie, for example, you can turn on English subtitles or French subtitles or both.

There is a unique logon for this trial found on the “Databases Overview” page of the Library Services wiki. You’ll need to use the link on the Trials tab of the main databases page, as the other Mango Languages link won’t connect to the trial we have.

Westlaw Campus Research Still Down (UPDATE: now working)

10 04 2014

For the past few days, we’ve been getting a login screen from Westlaw Campus Research on and off campus that we shouldn’t be seeing:


We’ve contacted the vendor to have them look into this problem. When access is restored, there’ll be a new post here on the blog.

Trial Access to Historical Data in ReferenceUSA

9 04 2014

Through the end of the month we have trial access to historical data in ReferenceUSA. Here’s how to get to it:

  1. Go to link to ReferenceUSA on the “Q-R” tab of the main databases page
  2. On the lower right corner of the page, click the tiny link for “Admin Log On”
  3. On the Admin Log On page, use the credentials listed on the “Databases Overview” page in the Library Services Wiki
  4. Once logged in, you’ll see the usual ReferenceUSA menu now includes a link to the historical data:

ReferenceUSA--historical data trial access

Please share any comments with Mike or Frank.

Source of information about Holocaust/World War II in Greece

8 04 2014

A student came to the reference desk today looking for books, including memoirs, of the Greek Jews in World War II and the Holocaust. We found some titles and the student also learned how to search in World Cat.

The last Greek synagogue in the Western hemisphere, Kehila Kedosha Janina,, is located in the Lower East side. I toured it with some visiting friends a few years ago. The guide was a Holocaust survivor. (I learned a lot, as did my friends.)

On their website, under Booklist, there is an extensive list of memoirs and other books about Greek Jews (also called Romaniote Jews or Romoniots) during World II and after, and also additional information under Holocaust in Greece. One of the books listed is Eleni, by Nicholas Gage, which we have, at CT1118.G32 G33 1983. He was a WSJ and NYT investigative reporter. The book tells of his family’s experiences during World War II and afterwards. His mother was later murdered during the Greek Civil War, after arranging for her children to escape from Greece. Gage later returned to Greece and found those responsible for his mother’s death. The book won awards and was made into a film.

The student was really glad to find the resources listed on the synagogue site and was going to look in the library catalog and World Cat for them.

Archive of TV News from 2009 to Present

2 04 2014

The Internet Archive just did something awesome: they launched the TV News Archive. You can search the transcripts for US news broadcasts back to 2009 and then bring up clips that match your terms. This might be useful for all sorts of disciplines, such as journalism, communication studies, political science, and public affairs.

To give you a sense of what can be found on the TV News Archive, here are some canned searches you can click on to run:

Video clips can be linked to (example) or embedded.

Trial to PBS Video Collection

31 03 2014

Through May 17 we have trial access to the PBS Video Collection. The vendor, Alexander Street Press, provided this description of the content:

The PBS Video Collection assembles hundreds of the greatest documentary films and series from the history of the Public Broadcasting Service into one convenient online interface. A core of 245 titles, selected for their high quality and relevance to academic curricula, covers many educational disciplines, including history, science and technology, diversity studies, business, and current events. This collection provides access to the films and series users already know and trust, including Frontline, NOVA, American Experience, Odyssey, and films by Ken Burns and Michael Wood.

There are videos in here that might of use across a wide range of disciplines and is likely to be of interest with faculty in many departments. A link to the database can be found in the usual Trials tab on the Databases page.

Results Sorting in LexisNexis Academic Is Borked

24 03 2014

If you run a search in LexisNexis Academic and try to sort the results from newest to oldest, you’ll see that the results aren’t in the order that you requested (or any order). Sorting from oldest to newest seems to work, as does relevance sorting (as far as I can tell). According to a post today on ERIL-L mailing list, LexisNexis is aware of this problem and a fix for it may not come until May (ugh).

Reference Services Schedule For The Week of April 28, 2014

24 03 2014

This schedule is now confirmed and posted to the Reference Desk LibGuide.

Reference Services Schedule For The Week Of April 21, 2014

24 03 2014

This schedule is now confirmed and posted to the Reference Desk LibGuide.