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Blog post #1!!! (Katerina Nicolaou)

Alright…I don’t know what was I thinking but I’ve just spend a good amount of hrs, probably 2, creating this awesome (in my opinion:D) video that has the title ’5 Interesting Facts About Myself’, its got soundtracks and pictures and all that so it would be nice if you guys took the time to watch it, my hard work would be paid off :D

So I started with the first and most obvious fact which is:
-I grew up in Cyprus-
I hope most of you guys know where Cyprus is but anyways lets do some geography lessons, its the 3rd largest island of the Mediterannean and its right next to Greece, its in Europe, actually Greece and Cyprus are kind of considered the same. We have the same language, national anthem, religion, similar cultures but different pronunciations.
Although my home was in Cyprus and I went to school over there, I kinda grew up in the States and in Cyprus at the same time. Ever since I can remember, me and my family would be in the states for at least 4-5 months a year, I would even take off school for weeks ( I almost failed 8th and 9th grade coz of all the absences)!
Cyprus is beautiful…imagine the greek islands..pretty much same beauty…and that leads us to the next fact about me…..

-I love nature, the ocean and the mountains-
I mean, in Cyprus you could just walk to the beach, its always ‘right there’ and I guess it was always there for me to go get some peace of mind in difficult times. I just needed to glance at the beach…take a look at the endless sea…and all of the sudden everything would become much easier. I’m really grateful that I had the chance to grow up so close to nature! Now I want to be as close to it as possible by going hiking, camping in the mountains and by the beach, scuba diving, fishing (i actually go on a traditional fishing boat with all the fishermen in Greece and do whatever they r doing lol seriously i love it)

3rd Fact-I love salsa music

I mean…that rhythm is amazing…and yes I spelled rhythm incorrectly in the video hehe..get used to it, English isn’t my first language!;p Anyways, I love salsa music so much …. i started salsa lessons in high school and went to workshops in different cities where we learned all kinds of styles, with partners and not. Actually, its cuban salsa that i like, LA style not so much.

fACT 4- I enjoy cooking

I mean, I guess I grew up watching my dad cook all the time and now I enjoy doing it myself. I swear I don’t have a single recipe I just throw in whatever flavor or spice pops up in my head and (most of the times hehe) the mixture of different flavors results in a very delicious meal. Seriously now, I really enjoy it i think it also calms me down. As my mom says you have to cook food with love, thats the secret ingredient. And I really enjoy cooking for other people, coz its nice to give somebody something you created yourself-especially if they actually like it in the end hehhe!

fACT 4- I enjoy performing on stage!

Alright so all the show business started when I begun to take classical singing lessons back in 8th grade, I worked on my voice and ended up being soprano and able to sing opera- but classical music is just the base of it, then you can experiment with any style of music you want.

So i was interested in broadway and I actually did a summer workshop a few years ago here in NYC. Its called Broadway Artists Alliance if anybody knows of them. It was very challenging first you had to have an audition to actually be able to participate in the program and then they send us on actual broadway auditions (omg), dont even get me started on this story. I had no idea we were going that far so after I got myself together performed for the directors and the agents and whatever important people were there and they offered me a role in Grease musical but I didnt take it coz I had to go back and finish school. haha no im joking they didn’t offer me a job but i impressed them! ok im gonna stop writing now! lol
Alright that’s it hope you enjoyed the video!

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